• How Would You Wear Cleopatra? Andrea v. Jenna

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    We all love shopping for jewelry, but the real fun comes with styling your new piece.
    I know you all have been asking yourself: How would I style DearMissJ’s “Cleopatra?”  

    Well, we asked two fashion bloggers the same question, and they came back with two very different looks.

    Edgy Chic Andrea of blondebedhead.com’s edgy style might not be the typical fashion icon you
    would expect to endorse pieces from DearMissJ’s more business casual line.

     Don’t be mistaken, however.  The way she styles “Cleopatra” with tousled hair and
    a leather jacket is effortless and edgy.  Who says pearls and leather don’t go together?
    We think they are perfect!


    Business Casual Jenna of visionsofvogue.com takes a slightly more traditional
    take on the DMJ classic.  In an all white jumper, black jeans, and large sunglasses,
    Jenna looks like career woman on a mission.  

    Minimal and chic, you can’t go wrong with a classic black and white number like this one.


    These are just two of the countless ways you can style “Cleopatra” for your everyday outfits.  
    Edgy, business casual, minimal, boho -- the bounds are limitless.

    DearMissJ can take you from office to cocktail hour.  That is the beauty of timeless jewelry.
     It never goes out of style and you can wear it with everything!  

    Now, it is your turn to style “Cleopatra” or any other classic versatile pieces you might already have.
    Share your outfit with us by simply tagging @shopdearmissj on Instagram or @DearMissJ on Facebook!

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