• Bon voyage

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    Off to Asia-

    Karl Lagerfeld headed to Seoul in early May for Chanel’s Cruise show.
    Thus, much of the fashion world is contemplating a trip to the South Korean capital as well.
    This summer, we decided to visit Seoul because as you might know,
    DearMissJ's amazing design teams are based in both Seoul and SF.

    Seoul is jam-packed with tons of unique neighborhoods.
    Each neighborhood has its own style along with something special to offer,
    whether it’s sightseeing, shopping, or something yummy to eat. But first things first,
    let's talk about where to shop in Seoul! We picked 3 places for you.

    1. Gangnam

    Seoul is unusually sensitive to trends and the speed at which trends change is quite startling!
    Rather than focusing on the tailoring, there’s more emphasis on color or accessorizing.
    If you are curious about current trends, visit Gangnam because this is where trendsetting begins.

    Gangnam is Seoul's busiest area where you can experience real energy and excitement!
    Imagine Manhattan where the entire place is densely packed with restaurants,
    cafes, bars, clubs, boutiques, fashion stores and movie theaters.
    It is one of the most affluent areas of Korea.

    Gangnam’s Main Street is also in the top ten list of the world's most expensive shopping streets.

    Screenshot 2015-08-12 16.38.04

    2. Cheongdam-dong

    Cheongdam-dong is the mecca of high fashion and fine dining.
    Cheongdam-dong’s Luxury Fashion Street is lined with flagship stores of prestigious
    fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Prada and more.
    It's probably the best place to go on an upscale shopping spree along with
    the Galleria Department Store, a high-end department store.

    This is also where Korean celebrities come to get their hair and make-up done,
    which is why Cheongdam is also called "celebrity street."

    Screenshot 2015-08-12 17.17.41

    3. Garosu-gil

    Due to its diverse tenant mix that blends chic cafes, bars and boutique stores,
    Garosu-gil is called as “Europe in Seoul.” Garosu-gil is becoming a popular
    meeting place that featuring boutique retailer shops catering to women aged 20-39.
    You can find small unique stores selling exclusive items from local designers/ artists

    This area is not as busy as Gangnam and not as expensive as Cheongdam-dong.
    So if you want to enjoy strolling and window shopping
    , this is the perfect place to visit!


    Summer in Korea is really hot and humid, especially in July and August.
    So remember to pack light clothes when you are off to Seoul.  
    Having trouble figuring out what to wear to Seoul?  

    Our favorite “Seoul travel” pieces are:

    Kylie Earrings

    Alexander McQueen mini dress

    Summer sandals

    Screenshot 2015-08-12 23.33.33

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  • Traveling In Style

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    With June 21st coming and going it means one important thing....
    Summer is officially HERE! Summer is definitely our favorite season.

    This time of year also means one thing for many of us which is going on Vacation!
    If you are going to be traveling to relax this summer make sure and check out
    our Summer Vacation Fashion post before packing your suitcase.

    However before burying your feet in some warm sand you will have to make it through
    the craziness of an airport. We are here to help you travel in style and most importantly comfort.


    *Featuring our Audrey Necklace


    *Featuring our Alice Necklace


    *Featuring Our Tracy Necklace

    Have amazing vacations this summer, just do not forget your sunscreen.

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  • Summer Vacation Fashion

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    3, 2, 1, takeoff!  One of our favorite things about summer is the travel time.
     Pack easy and light no matter where you are headed this summer.
    Simple jewelry can compliment unique pieces to fit your surrounding environment.  

    If you are planning on jetsetting this summer, look no further than this style guide for our favorite destinations!


    This is your chance to treat the street like your own personal runway!  
    Paris is known for its high fashion and great shopping.
     We like to keep it simple and classy in this timeless city.  

    Pair our very own Angela necklace with some wide-leg white pants, this silky tank
    comfortable wedges perfect for roaming around the city,
    and a light scarf to top it all off with a Parisian flair.

    all-white-palazzo-trousers-white-blouse parisguidetower


    While admiring the ancient ruins of the classical art and architecture of Greece,
    keep it simple and comfortable like the Grecians do with our Regina necklace paired
    with a white and flowy dress and gladiator sandals inspired by the ancient times.  

    Channel your inner Greek goddess on the beach or in the museum with this easy outfit.

    greece-santorini-oia new85346

    Take a break from the city and enjoy all the the Hamptons has to offer!
    Enjoy the beautiful beaches and non-stop relaxing with your girlfriends, or a romantic escape!  

    Any way, you can’t go wrong with DearMissJ’s Fiona necklace, Denise bracelets,
    these patterned chino shorts, totally preppy sandals, this comfy but still sexy button down shirt,
    and a floppy hat to shield your hair and skin from the sun.  
    This perfectly preppy and laid back look is perfect for the East Coast vacation you have been dreaming of!


    Experience the beauty and magic of Southeast Asia this summer in an effortless ensemble.
    Pair our Grace necklace  with this breezy peasant dress and some walkable espadrilles as you
    set off to ride elephants, kayak along the river, or enjoy the cuisine of the floating markets!

    1429173494   forever-21-embroidered-peasant-dress-medium-78060  

    Bon Voyage!

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