• San Francisco's Most Satisfying and Stylish Foodie Spots

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    Last October, DearMissJ took you on a short and sweet staycation to San Francisco's hottest tourist spots. This month, we'll be introducing the most delicious foodie favorites SF has to offer! 

    Find this cute little shop on 1435 Irving Street. Everyone deserves a cup of quality coffee to start their day. This hipster cafe will guarantee a cup of freshly grounded coffee at an affordable price! 

    The Plow, located at the heart of 18th Street. It's the best place for a large serving size of traditional American breakfast foods. The atmosphere is so relaxing, definitely a great family brunch spot!

    The Franciscan Crab Restaurant. This glamorous restaurant provides a beautiful seaside view while enjoying your favorite authentic and fresh seafoods. Stop by for a bowl of creamy clam chowder after touring Fisherman's Wharf! 

    Dessert is a must, and Ghirardelli Square is the place to be. Located on 900 North Point Street, this is a popular landmark where people of all ages stop by to satisfy their sweet tooth. Besides ordering the famous Ghirardelli hot fudge Sunday, you also have the chance to browse around various other stores, and maybe settle for some more fine dinning! 

    Here's a toast to good eats, cheers

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  • Weekend Travel Tips for the Holidays

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    Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and for many of us, this means traveling back home for the holiday!  For others, this means taking a well-deserved vacation.  Since the Thanksgiving holiday usually only allows for a weekend getaway, we decided to name our "go-to" travel necessities we always have ready to pack.

    One: Layering basics.
    Most of the time you can get an idea of what the weather will be like in the city you are traveling to, but often times, weather can be unpredictable!  This is why we love stocking up on basic pieces in neutral colors that are easy to layer to keep you looking fresh and feeling comfortable for the whole weekend.  We love turtlenecks this season!

    Two: A versatile watch and bracelets
    A timeless watch will last you for years, even decades, if you treat it right.  Watches add sophistication to any outfit while also providing a very functional purpose at the same time -- it doesn't get any better than that!  Layer your wrist with your watch and fun bracelets that will complement the watch without drowning it out in excessive accessories.

    Three: A chic carryall tote.

    There are many versions of the classic carryall tote, but we like a simple design with minimal hardware.  This way, you can take it out from morning until night and never have to worry about changing bags to match your outfit.  It also works as the perfect carry-on on the plane!

    Bon voyage!

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  • Our Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow for Food, Fashion, and More

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    We are all guilty of scrolling through our Instagram feed even when we probably shouldn't be.  If you are on your Insta-game during a meeting or while watching your child's soccer game, at least make it worth it!  We are die-hard Instagram fans, if you couldn't tell by our own Instagram account, and we think we have found some of the best accounts in the business to follow.  Here are our top picks for a perfectly curated and always aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed no matter where you are!  Just double tap and go!

    Fashion and Beauty:

    @Blaireadiebee of Atlantic-Pacific has been on the fashion blogging scene for a while now, but she never fails to impress us with her sophisticated and classy style while balancing the perfect ratio of luxury and high street brands in her every day looks.  

    @Juliahengel of Gal Meets Glam truly knows how to travel in style.  A true San Francisco local, Julia's feed combines luxury, fashion, and adventures from her every day life (including beautiful flower bouquets that we can't get enough of).  


    @Alanakysar is the mastermind behind Fix Feast Flair, an amazing food blog with some of the best recipes and photographies we have ever come across.  She has a knack for creating beautiful food as well as documenting her travels around the world and the food she encounters along the way.  Not to forget, she has an equally amazing food-blogger posse who offer even more inspiration!  Also check out @iamafoodblog and @mollyyeh for more!

    If you're more into the dining and less into the cooking (it's okay we've all been there at some point or another), check out @foodwithmichel.  If you're ever in LA, he has the guide to the most attractive foods you could ever imagine possible.  He can make a fair hot dog look amazing.  


    Follow @muradoosmann or search #followmeto and view Murado holding the hand of his girlfriend as they travel around the world.  Experience the Taj Mahal to the Eiffel Tower at the tips of your fingers with his outstanding photography.


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  • See the City: Los Angeles

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    The City of Angels.  The Entertainment Capital of the World.  La-La-Land.  You guess it: Los Angeles.  This is my second year living in the Bay Area and exploring San Francisco.  During this time, I am proud to have found some hidden gems with the help of some native San Franciscan friends.  As an LA native, however, nothing compares.  Here are a few of my favorite spots in LA that might not be in your average tour book:

    Eat: What most people think of when they hear LA.  Grand Central Market has expanded greatly in the last few years with amazing vendors featuring quick, fresh, and trendy fare.  Check out Eggslut sandwiches, McConnell's Ice Cream, and Valerie's Confections to name a few.  You won't be disappointed.  

    Arts District:
    Eat: Hidden away between large industrial buildings and beautiful murals, you can find some of LA's best cafes and restaurants.  Check out the Daily Dose Cafe located snugly between two buildings but with a beautiful patio decorated with string lights and romantic ivy-covered walls.  Also check out the famous Blue Bottle Coffee just down the street.  If you are craving some sweets with that coffee, head over to The Pie Hole for LA's best sweet and savory pies.  Just across the street is Wurstkuche -- a delightful German sausage spot.

    Explore: Discover the amazing wall painting around the Arts District. They don't call it the "Arts" District for nothing.  The walls make for amazing photo ops.

    Santa Monica: 
    Explore: The Santa Monica Pier if you never have before.  It's full of tourists, but I am a firm believer in experiencing it at least once!  Take a ride on the giant ferris wheel at sunset for an amazing view of the city and the ocean.  Third Street Promenade has some of the best shopping in the city as well as some of the best street performances!  Andy Grammer was discovered there!

    Eat: If you're looking for a full fine dining experience, try Rustic Canyon on Whilshire, but Mercado also has one of the best happy hour menus in town.  

    Explore & Eat: Last but not least, Venice has an interesting reputation, but I guarantee you will love Abbot Kinney Blvd.  Home to great boutique shopping and even greater pizza, this street has it all.  Shop brands like Rag & Bone and Illesteva Sunglasses while you brunch at Gjelina restaurant and sip on Intelligentsia coffee.

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  • Bon voyage

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    Off to Asia-

    Karl Lagerfeld headed to Seoul in early May for Chanel’s Cruise show.
    Thus, much of the fashion world is contemplating a trip to the South Korean capital as well.
    This summer, we decided to visit Seoul because as you might know,
    DearMissJ's amazing design teams are based in both Seoul and SF.

    Seoul is jam-packed with tons of unique neighborhoods.
    Each neighborhood has its own style along with something special to offer,
    whether it’s sightseeing, shopping, or something yummy to eat. But first things first,
    let's talk about where to shop in Seoul! We picked 3 places for you.

    1. Gangnam

    Seoul is unusually sensitive to trends and the speed at which trends change is quite startling!
    Rather than focusing on the tailoring, there’s more emphasis on color or accessorizing.
    If you are curious about current trends, visit Gangnam because this is where trendsetting begins.

    Gangnam is Seoul's busiest area where you can experience real energy and excitement!
    Imagine Manhattan where the entire place is densely packed with restaurants,
    cafes, bars, clubs, boutiques, fashion stores and movie theaters.
    It is one of the most affluent areas of Korea.

    Gangnam’s Main Street is also in the top ten list of the world's most expensive shopping streets.

    Screenshot 2015-08-12 16.38.04

    2. Cheongdam-dong

    Cheongdam-dong is the mecca of high fashion and fine dining.
    Cheongdam-dong’s Luxury Fashion Street is lined with flagship stores of prestigious
    fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Prada and more.
    It's probably the best place to go on an upscale shopping spree along with
    the Galleria Department Store, a high-end department store.

    This is also where Korean celebrities come to get their hair and make-up done,
    which is why Cheongdam is also called "celebrity street."

    Screenshot 2015-08-12 17.17.41

    3. Garosu-gil

    Due to its diverse tenant mix that blends chic cafes, bars and boutique stores,
    Garosu-gil is called as “Europe in Seoul.” Garosu-gil is becoming a popular
    meeting place that featuring boutique retailer shops catering to women aged 20-39.
    You can find small unique stores selling exclusive items from local designers/ artists

    This area is not as busy as Gangnam and not as expensive as Cheongdam-dong.
    So if you want to enjoy strolling and window shopping
    , this is the perfect place to visit!


    Summer in Korea is really hot and humid, especially in July and August.
    So remember to pack light clothes when you are off to Seoul.  
    Having trouble figuring out what to wear to Seoul?  

    Our favorite “Seoul travel” pieces are:

    Kylie Earrings

    Alexander McQueen mini dress

    Summer sandals

    Screenshot 2015-08-12 23.33.33

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