• How to be a Festival Fashionista

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    Spring is here and festival season has begun! As a music lover and avid music festival-goer,
    I am always searching for looks I can sport at a festival that is not only cute and fashionable,
    but also comfortable.

    The last thing I want to happen while I’m raging to music is for a heel to break
    or to be too hot/too cold because the outfit isn’t comfortable or practical.

    Coachella is coming up and I’ve been shopping around for the perfect outfits.
    Not only is it one of the most famous music festivals, but the festival-goers are typically known
    to show up in very stylish, bohemian-chic looks.

    Here are some items I recommend to help you put together your festival look!

    How to be a Festival Fashionista

    Platform sneakers

    When you’re at a music festival, you know you’ll be doing a lot of dancing and walking
    around to various stages. If you aren’t, I question why you’re even attending a music festival to begin with.

    Therefore, heels or anything that would make your feet the slightest bit painful should stay at home.  
    And while open-toes sandals are cute, you’re just asking for your feet to get stepped on in crowd.

     Instead, I recommend simple closed-toed sneakers.

     And since you’re you want to get a good view of whoever is performing,
    why not add some height with a pair of platform sneakers!  

    Converses are making a comeback and I’m completely obsessed with these Chuck Taylors.


    Aviator Sunglasses  

    Shield your eyes in style with a pair of shades.  
    My favorite at the moment are the Ray Ban Aviator Polarized Sunglasses.
    I love the pop of color they add to your outfit and they come in three awesome reflective color combinations:
    Gold/Blue, Gold/Green, and Gold/Orange.


    Breezy top

    Musical festivals can get HOT.  So your job is to dress appropriately (without having to go completely naked).
    Pair this lightweight top with a bow/cut-out back from ASOS with a pair of denim shorts,
    and you’ll stay cute and cool all day!



    When it comes to accessorizing for a music festival, don’t overdo yourself.  
    Stay away from fancy diamonds or anything gaudy.  Keep your accessories casual and fun.  
    You don’t want your jewelry to distract you from dancing and moving around.  
    DearMissJ’s Regina necklace will add a nice touch to your outfit and with its simple design,
    you can pair it with many outfits!


    Crossbody bag

    Finish off your look with a crossbody bag to keep all your belongings so you can be hands-free.
    My bag of choice would be a crossbody since the longer strap makes it easier to secure and wear over my
    body without putting too much strain on one shoulder.  

    I love this mini fringed crossover from Rebecca Minkoff. The fringe gives your outfit a touch of fun =)

    rebecca minkoff

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