• Summer beauty hacks that will save your life!

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    Summer is undoubtedly great, but with summer comes an endless list of beauty problems that tend to get out of hand. Untamed frizz, uneven tans, bubbly nail polish, cakey foundation, the list goes on and on. Need some help with these every day encounters? Keep readin' on! 
    1) Put your nail polish in the fridge! This will help it stay smooth and cool for use! Say buh-bye to bubbly polish! 
    2) Use dryer sheets to tame your frizz. It might look totally weird wiping your entire head of hair with dryer sheets, but anything to stay frizz free for the day, right? 
    3) Instead of using foundation, switch to a light BB cream. BB creams are much less cakey, and will still give you that nice, sheer coverage! 

    4) Oops! Got a bit of BB cream stain on your white blouse? Not a problem. Use a bit of shaving cream. Dab a dollop of it on the stain before placing it in the wash. Your blouse will be good as new. 

    5) In a rush? Soak your nails in ice water to make them dry faster!
    6) Saline is your year old mascara's best friend! Put a couple drops of saline into your mascara tube, and BAM, reusable. 
    7) Wait! Don't throw away your tea bags just yet. Toss them in the freezer for a couple minutes, and then place it under your eyes to de-puff.
    8) Place a bit of vaseline on your wrists before spraying your favorite perfume. The scent will last SO much longer. 
    9) Sweat, ocean water, and perfume are the three biggest enemies of your jewelry. Try to keep your beloved pieces away from them! 
    10) Did you know that beer cleans gold? And ketchup is also known to clean silver! Stop spending money on expensive cleansing solutions and use this hack to sparkle up your jewels! 

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  • Greta Tassel Bracelets...the perfect addition to your closet

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    The Greta Tassel Bracelet has been one of our hottest sellers of Summer 2016!
    It comes in both silver and gold...
    It's adjustable and one size fits all comfortably...
    It's light and dainty...
    It's edgy and fun...
    Greta is everything and more you can ask for from a bracelet. 

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  • Fashion Savvy? Follow our top Instagram favorites!

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    How many times a day do you go on Instagram? Wouldn't it be nice if your feed was compiled with beautiful, quality photos every time you opened the app? Here's DearMissJ's favorite Instagram accounts to follow! From fashion to scenery to food, we've got you covered! 

    Nichole's Instagram displays the beautiful scenery of San Francisco, while adding her exquisite fashion taste to the spectacular shots! 

    Aimee Song runs a beautiful blog and Instagram account that truly captures her unique style. Not to mention, new vlogs every Tuesday! 

    Jenn bring the definition of hip to a whole new level. Her fashion inspirations are always unexpected and mind blowing! Chic, fun, and colorful, Jenn's Instagram is definitely an eye-catcher. 

    Of course, you can't forget about the beloved DearMissJ. With beautiful scenery shots, cafes, and the latest fashion trends, you'll never want to miss out on our daily posts! 


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  • DearMissJ's Favorite Summer Beauty Essentials

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    What's summer without a list of must-haves? DearMissJ is here to share some of our favorite summer products that will guarantee you a fashionable and flawless summer! 

    Get a dewy and gorgeous glow with the Becca highlight in champagne pop! This highlight enhances your natural glow while adding a subtle shine to accentuate the cheekbones. 

    “Ask any makeup artist what the best beauty secret is and they will say sunscreen. It's your best defense against wrinkles, sun spots and sun damage. This sunscreen goes on in a soft mist, ensuring coverage for every inch of skin.”
    Summer is always sweaty and sticky, and you definitely don't want to cake your face on top of all that. A light translucent powder is key to controlling any shine and staying polished through out the day! 

    Blotting sheets are your best friend during the summer. They easily remove unwanted oils from your face without taking off your makeup! Tarte's blotting papers are our current favorite, the packaging is so cute as well! 

    Hoops are back and trending this season! The Addison pearl earrings are dainty yet stylish for the summer time. Easy to dress up and down, this is a perfect addition to your jewelry wardrobe! 


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  • Say Bye to Basic this 4th of July!

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    Tired of wearing that same red, white, and blue outfit that you've thrown together for the past three, or four, or maybe even five years now? Admit it... if you ever felt a little spontaneous on this holiday, you'd throw in a pair of American flag socks, scatter around for a blue or maybe red bandana, paint your nails in patriotic colors, or pin a red bow that screams 'hey! look at me!' and call it a day. If any of that sounded familiar, well, you're in luck. It's finally time to say hello to your most stylish July 4th yet! 
    Who says you must wear red, white, AND blue? 
    Pick a favorite or two and rock it! 

    Throw on some white pearls, it's always a classic. Doesn't the Jamie necklace look gorgeous against royal blue? 

    Or try the Diana necklace, for an even sweeter look! 

    If you're fanatic about patriotic nails, add a bit of glam to your hands by wearing the LuLu rings! The emerald color especially looks fantastic with red. 

    Be the center of attention in the Aurora necklace, it gives off that summer beach vibe! Perfect for a weekend beach getaway or even family bbq! 
    Have a safe and fun July 4th! 

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