• Women we love: Toni Ko, PERVERSE Sunglasses

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    Toni Ko started NYX in her 20s and sold it to L'Oreal for an estimated price of $500 million. But she isn't ready to retire. She just launched her own line of chic, affordable sunglasses. She is unstoppable! We sat down with Toni to talk about her new venture, personal style and her favorite DearMissJ jewelry.

    Name: Toni Ko

      Role: CEO & CCD

        Company: PERVERSE Sunglasses


            Describe yourself in 3 words: lively, compassionate & hustler

            Brief description of your typical day: Each day is a bit different. But whether I am creating, designing or approving awesome sunglass designs or have a busy day filled with back to back meetings you can find me rocking some amazing shoes. 

            Describe your style in 1 word: Fierce

                  Do you have any go-to wardrobe pieces for important business meetings? Anything from a stylish black pantsuit to a fun black dress 

                  What DearMissJ piece do you think fits your style the best?

                  I love Courtney collection !


                  Tell us about your new startup

                  PERVERSE Sunglasses offers a variety of fun colorful, stylish sunglasses at consumer friendly prices without having to compromise quality. This way consumers can purchase more than just one style and not break their wallet  

                  Where can we find PERVERSE Sunglasses? 

                  Our soft launch was on March 15, 2016 perversesunglasses.com Our first retail location is scheduled to open end of May 2016.

                  Any advice for young business women?  

                  Don’t spend like a rock star unless you are a rock star! And Always believe in yourself, everything else is just noise.


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                          • DMJ Women: Crystal Lee, Co-Founder of LifeSite

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                            If you were a DearMissJ fan from back in 2014, you will remember Crystal's photos on our website. She was our model when we first launched our website.
                            Why did we ask her to be our very first model? She represents our brand mission #DMJWomen: classy, confident and chic.
                            Crystal was the first runner-up in the Miss America 2014 pageant, Miss California 2013. She studied at Stanford and worked at Google. Not impressive enough?  Now, she started her new venture in silicon valley.
                            We wanted to hear about her new startup life & styling tips.
                            Name: Crystal Lee
                            Job: Co-founder, Director of Product and Customer Management
                            Company: LifeSite

                            DMJ: Describe yourself in 3 words.
                            Crystal: "Active, passionate, and quirky!"

                            DMJ: Give us a brief description of your typical day!
                            Crystal: "Every day is different and presents unique challenges and rewards. I try to squeeze in a workout right after I wake up so I’m more productive for the rest of the day. Then I update my to-do list from the night before and knock out as many deliverables as I can before lunch. After a few calls and a team lunch, you’ll find me mocking up product enhancements and monitoring our customer channels."

                            DMJ: Describe your style in 1 word.
                            Crystal: "Fresh."

                            DMJ:  Do you have any go-to wardrobe pieces for important business meetings?
                            Crystal: "A few...a white watch from my mentor, a below-the-knee pencil skirt, stud earrings."

                            DMJ: Tell us about your new startup!
                            Crystal: "We’re solving the problem of people's personal information being fragmented across many solutions and locations, and not having their most important data in one convenient, secure place. We never know when we’ll need something we don’t have memorized; whether it’s a password or the name of your family member’s allergy medicine. We want to make it easy for everyone to have a secure, digital vault at their fingertips. Check us out at www.lifesite.co!"

                            DMJ: Do you have any advice for young businesswomen?  
                            Crystal: "Learn to seek and accept feedback. Don’t be too hard on yourself when things don’t work out. Also, identify your preferred way of relieving stress and practice it regularly. After all, it’s marathon, not a sprint!"

                            Thank you so much for sharing with us, and good luck!

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                          • Muse Spotlight: StyleSeat CEO Melody

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                            Screenshot 2015-07-07 19.27.19 
                            Melody at StyleSeat HQ. 
                            It shouldn’t be too hard to notice that DearMissJ is a big fan of everything
                            related fashion and beauty. We sat down with Melody, StyleSeat's stylish CEO
                            to talk about her personal style, jewelry and StyleSeat 

                            (yes, this girl knows how to look good and work hard at the same time!)

                            1. Describe yourself in 3 words ? 
                            Introverted, focused, funny

                            2. Brief Description of your typical day? 
                            Any combination of interviews with potential hires, press interviews, team meetings, planning sessions

                            3. Describe your style in 1 word? 

                            4. Do you have an go to wardrobe pieces for important business meetings? 
                            Shift dresses are everything; blazers and heels can dress up jeans and a t-shirt; jewelry, always.

                            5. What DearMissJ Piece do you think fits your style the best?
                            Diana Necklace I love movement, such a great way for this piece to catch the light,
                            while still being minimal
                            *Check her photo on the top, she is wearing Diana necklace


                            6. Describe StyleSeat In 3 sentences?
                            StyleSeat is the largest destination to instantly book beauty and style appointments
                            from your phone. We’re also the leading platform for entrepreneurs in the beauty
                            industry to run and grow their business.

                            7. Any advice for young business women?
                            Be bold. Do not cut yourself short. Have high expectations for your life and make it happen.

                            Screenshot 2015-07-07 19.27.42 3
                            When it comes time for your next mani/pedi check out StyleSeat 

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