• Fashion Savvy? Follow our top Instagram favorites!

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    How many times a day do you go on Instagram? Wouldn't it be nice if your feed was compiled with beautiful, quality photos every time you opened the app? Here's DearMissJ's favorite Instagram accounts to follow! From fashion to scenery to food, we've got you covered! 

    Nichole's Instagram displays the beautiful scenery of San Francisco, while adding her exquisite fashion taste to the spectacular shots! 

    Aimee Song runs a beautiful blog and Instagram account that truly captures her unique style. Not to mention, new vlogs every Tuesday! 

    Jenn bring the definition of hip to a whole new level. Her fashion inspirations are always unexpected and mind blowing! Chic, fun, and colorful, Jenn's Instagram is definitely an eye-catcher. 

    Of course, you can't forget about the beloved DearMissJ. With beautiful scenery shots, cafes, and the latest fashion trends, you'll never want to miss out on our daily posts! 


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