• Why My Mom Is My Hero

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    Joy & Cassatt, mom-daughter duo wearing DearMissJ "Love You" Necklace

    Mother's day is our favorite holiday. DearMissJ started as a mom-duo boutique business a long
    time ago before we built this website. We asked our friends to share their own mom-daughter story.

    Joy, VP at Merrill Lynch is a super mom, she loves her kids, works and workout.

    Her beautiful daughter Cassatt tells us why her mom is her HERO.

    1. Describe your mom in 3 words? 

    Joyful, fun, happy

    2. What your favorite food that your mom makes?

    Breakfast sandwich with egg, cheese, & sausage on a croissant

    3. What did you give your mom for Mothers Day last year?

    A book called She.  I found it at a garage sale right next door and it explains my Mom's life perfectly.
    It is about life's ups and downs as well as when it is somewhere in the middle.  
    She cried and now, it is her favorite book.

    4. Tell us your favorite adventure that you have had with your mom?

    Everyday is an adventure with my Mom, but my favorite time was when my Mom
    and I went to the Mary Cassatt Tea Garden at the Rittenhouse hotel in Philadelphia last summer.  
    I wore a fur shawl and a fancy dress as well as sunglasses and everyone thought I was a movie star.  

    My Mom helped me find delicious treats to try and knew which ones I would love.  
    It was so fun, but unfortunately, they took down all the Mary Cassatt paintings,
    so we just had a nice time at afternoon tea.


    5. What your favorite thing in your mom’s closet?

    All of her high heels!

    6. Why is your mom your hero?

    My Mom is my hero, because she knows what to do when
    I am sad and when I need help and she helps me, always.

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  • Mother's Day Gift Guide- Straight A Style

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    Hi, Amy Ann here from Straight A Style.
    I am so excited to be guest posting today to discuss Mother's Day.
    Our moms play such an important role in our lives. My own mother is truly one of the best people I know.

    Sometimes thinking of a gift to measure up to the person can be hard.
    I've found four that I think fit the bill and cover a variety of personality types.

    1. Kate Necklace - Pearls are timeless and elegant. Any mom would feel the
    love when gifted with the beautiful Kate necklace from DearMissJ.

    2. GlossyBox - I've tried this subscription out before, and it is so much fun.
    What a treat to have beauty products delivered to your door once a month.
    It's the perfect way to pamper your mom!

    You can send one month for $25 or buy a 6 month plan for $130.

    Accordion Mini Photo Book - This foldable purse size photo book is the a great gift for
    any adoring grandmother. Add all the photos you want and customize the
    colors from one of the many design options.

    4. Cooking/Knitting/Baking/Exercise Class - For the mom who loves quality time,
    buy her a class you all can do together in an activity she loves.
    You'll cherish the memories and have fun while you're at it.

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