• A Stylish Father's Day Brunch

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    Father's Day lands on a Sunday this year, and Sunday brunch is an all time favorite, making this day that much greater. Make this Father's Day extra special by adding a bit of sparkle to your brunch with DearMissJ's statement rings. Enjoy some stylish tips while trying out our favorite brunch recipes!

    The rhinestone cross geometric knuckle ring is sweet and simple, it'll remind you of all the wonderful childhood memories as you chat over brunch. 

    DearMissJ's Lulu collection offers three gorgeous colors that will match any outfit that you're thinking of for this special day. Try emerald for something a bit more fun, pink for that sweet look, and white for absolute elegance. 

    The Lucy ring is a huge summer hit, simply because it is so versatile. From sundresses to business casual, you can wear it anywhere...for any occasion.
    Now on to our favorite brunch menu...

    Pancakes are the equivalent statement piece to an ideal brunch. Add some fresh cut bananas to your usual pancake mix and top it off with some berries for a cute look! 

    Avocado toasts have been the recent hit. BuzzFeed, Tasty, and every Instagram feed has featured this delicious dish. Try it out with different toppings, and see what tingles your taste bud! 

    Fruit parfaits give you lots of energy, while looking super dainty all on its own!

    Pair any of these amazing choices with your favorite dark roast or freshly squeezed juice for that satisfying and unforgettable Father's day brunch! Get stylin' and cookin'! 

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  • Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: Mom

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    To say we are excited about the holidays is an understatement.  The parties, the gifts, the lights: there's nothing else like it.  Of course, the best part about the holidays is the giving we get to do.  We love giving to the people we love most.  Finding the perfect gift can be difficult, though.  We want to show you our favorite gifts for the leading ladies in your life this year with the first of a series of gift guides!  Part one: Mom, the most important lady in your life!

    Keep it simple and elegant for Mom this year.  She is a woman of sophistication and grace, so she doesn't need anything too fussy.  Here's what we picked:






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  • DearMissJ is featured in this month's Martha Stewart Wedding!

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    Happy Friday
    Did you get your Fall Issue of MarthaStewart Wedding yet?
    It features our pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings! 

    Screenshot 2015-09-04 14.58.45  

    First, Molly necklace. Half freshwater pearls & half swarovski crystals..!
    This unique design makes you look effortlessly chic.
    Screenshot 2015-09-11 11.25.52   Screenshot 2015-09-11 11.26.01  

    And beautiful Judy & Denise bracelets. They are handcrafted 
    with high quality freshwater pearls
    (white / grey), You can wear it alone or stack them together for a fashionable look.  
    They are popular items for bridesmaids gifts!
    Marriage is like watching the color of leaves in the fall; ever changing and
    more stunningly beautiful with each passing day." - Fawn Weaver


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  • Goodbye Summer!

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    goodbye summer 2

    Happy Friday

    Today I have outfit ideas to suggest you for the end of this summer,
    I mean this weekend! (wow. next week is September. Can you believe that summer is almost over?)

    If you have any colorful Summer outfits that you haven't had a chance to wear,
    this weekend is your perfect chance to have some fun with them.

    1. Sky Blue

    Jenny Earrings

    1. Screenshot 2015-08-28 21.06.48

    2. Hot Pink

    Victoria Necklace

    Screenshot 2015-08-28 21.07.06

    3.  Yellow Tuxedo Wrap Dress

    Nicole Necklace

    Screenshot 2015-08-28 21.06.20

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  • How to be a fashionable and savvy wedding guest

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    I’ve reached the point in my life where I’ve gone to so many weddings that it’s becoming more
    difficult to figure out what to wear each time. I used to spend lots of money on getting
    a new dress for each wedding I went to but realized later that it wasn’t very economical.

    The older you get, the more weddings you go to, and the more important it is to budget for
    your outfit because weddings certainly aren’t cheap to attend. Here are a few tips on how to
    look fabulous as a wedding guest without burning a hole in your wallet!

    Rotate your dresses:  Who says you can only wear a dress once?
    If I’m going to spend money on a nice dress, I sure hope I will have another occasion
    to wear the dress.  Don’t be ashamed of wearing the same dress to multiple weddings.  

    A great way to change up your look is to have a different hairstyle the next time you wear
    the same dress,  carry a different handbag, or pair your dress with different accessories.  

    I love adding elegant or bold statement pieces to a dress because then you bring more
    attention to your new piece of jewelry rather than the dress you’ve already worn.  
    The large grey pearls and delicate clover pendants of 
    Troian necklace adds the perfect elegant accent to any outfit.

    Screenshot 2015-08-11 16.35.28
    Rent the Runway:  Want to look like a million bucks without having to commit to a
    pricy designer dress?  
    Rent the Runway is where you can rent designer luxury dresses for
    a fraction of the retail cost. Plus, if you’re the type who only likes to wear a dress once, this is a great option.  

    Badgley Mischka for $70? Count me in!

    Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 3.54.30 PM
    Ann Taylor and J.Crew wedding collections: Retail stores like Ann Taylor and J.Crew now carry
    wedding collections which also have affordable dresses that can be worn to any wedding, whether
    you’re a bridesmaid or wedding guest.  I recently attended a wedding wearing a dress I purchased from the
    Ann Taylor wedding collection and received lots of compliments on it.

    People were under the impression I had spent a lot on a designer dress only to learn that it was from Ann Taylor.
    I must say I was proud of myself =)

    Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 4.01.20 PM

    Me (next to my handsome boyfriend) dressed in an Ann Taylor Satin Jersey Halter Gown.

    Borrow from a friend.  Chances are, your friends also probably have a closet of dresses they’ve worn
    to wedding themselves.  You should figure out which one of your friends are the closest in
    size to you and ask them if you can borrow a dress.  That’s what friends are for right?

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