• Our Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow for Food, Fashion, and More

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    We are all guilty of scrolling through our Instagram feed even when we probably shouldn't be.  If you are on your Insta-game during a meeting or while watching your child's soccer game, at least make it worth it!  We are die-hard Instagram fans, if you couldn't tell by our own Instagram account, and we think we have found some of the best accounts in the business to follow.  Here are our top picks for a perfectly curated and always aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed no matter where you are!  Just double tap and go!

    Fashion and Beauty:

    @Blaireadiebee of Atlantic-Pacific has been on the fashion blogging scene for a while now, but she never fails to impress us with her sophisticated and classy style while balancing the perfect ratio of luxury and high street brands in her every day looks.  

    @Juliahengel of Gal Meets Glam truly knows how to travel in style.  A true San Francisco local, Julia's feed combines luxury, fashion, and adventures from her every day life (including beautiful flower bouquets that we can't get enough of).  


    @Alanakysar is the mastermind behind Fix Feast Flair, an amazing food blog with some of the best recipes and photographies we have ever come across.  She has a knack for creating beautiful food as well as documenting her travels around the world and the food she encounters along the way.  Not to forget, she has an equally amazing food-blogger posse who offer even more inspiration!  Also check out @iamafoodblog and @mollyyeh for more!

    If you're more into the dining and less into the cooking (it's okay we've all been there at some point or another), check out @foodwithmichel.  If you're ever in LA, he has the guide to the most attractive foods you could ever imagine possible.  He can make a fair hot dog look amazing.  


    Follow @muradoosmann or search #followmeto and view Murado holding the hand of his girlfriend as they travel around the world.  Experience the Taj Mahal to the Eiffel Tower at the tips of your fingers with his outstanding photography.


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  • 5 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Fall Dinner Party

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    As the air turns crisp, the leaves change colors, and we all starts getting into the fall spirit, there's hardly anything more exciting than having your friends and family over for a festive, cozy dinner party.  Whether you are a master chef or the champion of take-out, a self-proclaimed Martha Stewart or even if you are a little bit design-challenged, here are a few tips to help you throw the dinner party of the season.  Your friends won't be able to stop talking about it!

    Be ready for your guests to arrive.  This means no last minute scrambling in the kitchen to find the corkscrew or the serving spoons once your guests have already arrived.  Be prepared and have everything set up ahead of time to reduce the stress on you, and so you can be a guest at your own party!  

    Timing is everything!  If you are preparing the night's feast, plan ahead of time how much time each dish will take to make so that nothing will be too hot or too cold, too early or too late, to the table.
    Details count when you're throwing a dinner for your close friends and family.  Make cute personalized place cards for the dinner table, or take the extra time to add that golden touch to your napkins.  Whatever it is, it's the little things that count.  Your guests will never forget it!
    Set the tone for your gathering.  If you are stressed, your guests will cue in on your vibe and feel stressed too.  Interact with your guests as much as possible, and set ambient music to relax the atmosphere.  

    Be festive with your decorations.  Now this does not mean you have to hang pumpkin posters up on the walls, but it does mean that you can go the extra mile and decorate your table with seasonal vegetables from the farmers' market or break out the fall linens.  

    Now it's your turn to make this fall dinner party a reality!  Follow these simple tips, and you will be the hostess of the season.  Your guests will be hoping for another invite!

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