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A little to the left...now a little to the right...bring it forward...no, a little back. Getting the perfect angle is always the most difficult part of taking a photo. The placement, brightness, high, low, and even cropping are all important things to consider before snapping away. With some helpful tips from our expert marketing team, you'll become the next pro Instagramer! 

Rings are pretty difficult, especially because you want the focal point to be the piece itself and not the overpowering hand. Which is why you need to angle the ring towards the camera, and make sure the hand takes up approximately 1/3 of the entire frame. Try to hold your hand in a loose fist so the ring *pops,* avoid extending your fingers - that draws attention away from the ring. Tap on the ring to focus, and snap. 


Overhead shots are great for capturing an overlay of various products. Grab a magazine, a cute box, and some smaller decor (where the theme and color match your jewelry piece). Use odd numbers. 5 items are always better than 4, 3 better than 2, and so on. If you are going to clump items, clump them in odd numbered groups as well. It is proven that the eye appeals more to odd numbered grouping. Find a nice background, preferably a marbled, white, or wooden surface. Tap, focus, and snap away! 


It's always a bonus when the necklace is modeled by someone. It gives a more realistic look of how the product looks when it's worn. So, put on your favorite outfit and find an artsy background to prepare for this photo. The background should be fairly simple, nothing too dramatic or colorful. You want the necklace to really stand out, so nothing distracting should be going on in the background. It's always a plus if there are flowers or some kind of pretty plant in the back. The top of your choice should be monochromatic as well. Now tap, focus, and snap. Pretty nice, right? 

Good luck shooting your favorite pieces next time, and remember to keep these tips in mind! 


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