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Not often is it the case that actors like Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, and Robert De Niro get together to tell the story of a powerful female entrepreneur. This past Christmas holiday, however, that is exactly what they did.  Joy tells the story of real-life entrepreneur, Joy Mangano.  She is responsible for the invention of common household products that make each of our lives easier every day.  Those skinny velvet hangers you have in your closet?  Yep, that was her idea.  
Although she is wildly successful today, this was not always the case.  She faced years of struggle and hardship leading up to her big break.  This movie will make you want to go and do that thing you never had the courage to do before.  We here at DMJ respected Joy's resiliency because we know that running a business is not an overnight success.  It takes hard work and dedication no matter the circumstance.
Here are a few of our favorite looks from the movie:

Our favorite clean and cool #girlboss look 
Costume designer Michael Wilkinson shares the back story
"I designed this suit and had it made in New York for Jennifer in ivory wool crepe. We looked at vintage Yves St.Laurent and Escada for inspiration.This outfit defines the successful phase of Joy."


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    Will go so to see this movie

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