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The peridot gemstone!

Peridot jewelry is known for its shimmering yellow-green hue.
It's also said to bring peace and good luck to its wearer.

Have you ever wondered what creates this beautiful green hue? Let's talk science.

Peridot is a gem-quality transparent variety of olivine, a mineral composed
of magnesium-iron silicates. The color of olivine ranges from olive to lime green, sometimes
with a brownish tinge. The green color is due to the presence of iron, while the brownish
tinge indicates a higher iron content.

We thought about how to design a pearl necklace with these beautiful peridot stones.
Our goal was wanted to create a signature classy DearMissJ look with a touch of the
mysterious and unique green hue from peridots.

From there, the Claire necklace was born. What do you think?
Do you like this peridot and pearl combination?

(Let us know what you think by posting a comment below!)




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