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Congratulations on receiving one of the most important jewelry pieces you will own in your life...your engagement ring. Now it’s time to hit the ground running. It’s easy to get too caught up in the minuscule details of wedding planning and forget about the most important person…YOU!

Maybe you were the hopeless romantic that always dreamed of having a fairytale wedding, or maybe you were the bitter young adult that dreaded every Valentines Day. Regardless of the person you once were, every bride deserves to look stunning on her big day. Let DearMissJ help you decide which bridal look you’ll effortlessly rock on your wedding day!


Modern Chic 

The up-to-date fairytale princess, but without the yards and yards of tulle. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 1.45.18 PM

Featuring our Angela necklace and Mimi earrings


Timeless Classic 

The sweet look that every young girl remembers.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 1.46.01 PM

Featuring Love Me necklace and Judy bracelet


Elegant Bombshell

The perfect look to accentuate every curve. 


Featuring the Angela necklace.



Fun Traditional 

The perfect combination of timeless tradition and chic modern. 

Featuring Ariel necklace and Denise bracelet

Now go live your Happily Ever After! 


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