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We’ve all been told by the fashion world that pearls are classic,
timeless, and sophisticated. I’ll be honest to admit that I didn’t always agree.

Growing up, my mom would pass down to me her own pearl jewelry and unfortunately,
they would just end up at the bottom of my jewelry box.

I was all about the flashy, sparkly, bold pieces. To me, wearing pearls meant that
I was getting old and had to “grow up.” Well, either I’m old now or I’ve come to
appreciate the elegance that pearls can add to any outfit or look.

I’ve also realized that pearls can be both bold and delicate.



The “Kate” necklace from DearMissJ is a great example of how pearls
can accentuate an outfit with the large pearl strand combined with the pearl/cubic pendant.



The “Lorelai Gilmore” necklace from DearMissJ adds a delicate touch to your outfit
with the use of smaller pearls and an adorable pendant.

So whether you’re in the mood to feel powerful and bold because you have to
rock a presentation at work, or if you want to opt for a delicate and feminine look to impress
your handsome date, pearls can add either dimension to your outfit.  

FYI, those pearls my mom gave me are no longer at the bottom of my jewelry box.


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